Pull Color From Lines

Pull Color From Lines craft

Georgia O'Keeffe's awesome art is a unique vision of natural landscapes and plant life. Encourage your kids to see nature through their own eyes, too.

  • 1.

    Look closely at one or more of Georgia O'Keeffe's paintings, which are easy to find in books and on posters. Notice that the plants and natural objects she painted fill the space, and seem to be much larger than life.

  • 2.

    Look closely at the shapes, colors, and textures of leaves, plants, and flowers in a vase or garden (pick them only with adult permission).

  • 3.

    Using Crayola® Washable Markers, draw a picture of your favorite plant or flower. Try to have the drawing touch at least three sides of the paper in a manner similar to that of O'Keeffe.

  • 4.

    Cover your work area with recycled newspaper. Blend the markers with a wet Crayola Paint Brush, so that the water pulls color from one area to another.