Quack, Moo, & Oink Finger Puppets

Quack, Moo, & Oink Finger Puppets craft

Fill your fingers with pigs, ducks, roosters, cows—whatever barnyard animal puppets you create!

  • 1.

    What do you imagine life is like for farm animals? With these finger puppets, you can bring your imagination—and farm-animal sounds—to life!

  • 2.

    Mix different colors of Model Magic® to get piggy pink, duck-bill orange, and other farm-animal colors. Shape a small handful into a ball. Push it on one finger.

  • 3.

    Roll tiny balls and coils of Model Magic to add a pig’s curly tail or chick’s beak. When Model Magic is fresh from the pack, it sticks to itself! Air-dry your puppets overnight. Your rooster will crow in the morning.