Racing Roman Gladiators

Racing Roman Gladiators craft

Ancient Rome’s Circus Maximus was definitely an adrenaline rush! Construct a gladiator’s chariot and start your own races.

  • 1.

    Put on your helmet! Wrap the reins for four horses around your wrists. Take off on a two-wheeled chariot! Gladiators in ancient Rome’s Circus Maximus used their body weight to control their harnessed steeds. They raced seven laps around a track in front of 150,000 spectators!

  • 2.

    Long ago, chariots were used in battle and pulled by mules and oxen. The Greeks were the first to race them. Step back in time to join the excitement! Roman chariots were specialized, lighter versions of regular vehicles, just like today’s race cars. Red, green, and white were the most popular colors.

  • 3.

    Shape Crayola Model Magic® into a chariot with two wheels. Form a gladiator to stand inside the vehicle. Can you figure out a way to make the wheels turn? (Hint: toothpicks, drinking straws, or paperclips.) You could add extra touches such as string for reins, too. Why not make the horses while you’re at it? And a stadium!

  • 4.

    Show the power and glory of your racing team with Crayola Glitter Glue highlights. Air-dry before you join the throng!