Recuerdos de una Quinceañera

Recuerdos de una Quinceañera craft

Quinceañera guests will be thrilled with these handmade favors! Create these glittery mementoes for your special 15-year-old Latina’s party.

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    Many symbols are associated with a Quinceañera, a celebration to mark a Latina’s fifteenth birthday. Many families plan flowers, a rosary, a cojin (pillow), and music. The Quinceañera is a time when a girl moves from childhood into adulthood. After her Quinceañera, a girl may begin to date, use make-up, and wear more grown-up clothing.

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    One of the most touching ceremonies involves footwear. The birthday girl starts her day in a pair of flat party slippers. At the Quinceañera, her father removes the shoes of childhood and places high-heeled shoes on his daughter’s feet. Often a special waltz between the two follows. Everyone who attends the event will cherish these easy-to-make shoe-shaped table decorations that can become treasured mementoes of the occasion!

  • 3.

    Form a small ballet slipper or Mary Jane with neon pink (or any color) Crayola Model Magic®. Add a strap. Fashion a high-heeled pump in the latest style, again with Model Magic. Mold trim such as buttons, pearls, or ribbons from other colors of Model Magic and press onto the modeling compound. Air-dry the shoes.

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    Embellish the recuerdos (remembrances) with Crayola Glitter Glue. Air-dry the glue.

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    For a matte look, cover the items with a simple glaze. Cover your craft area with newspaper. Mix equal amounts of Crayola School Glue and water. Use a Crayola watercolor brush to cover the shoes with the glaze. Air-dry before handling.