Recycle Scrap Book

Recycle Scrap Book craft

Kids' original art finds an original home in this homemade scrap book. Using recycled paper for the cover design makes this a truly memorable activity to share with friends!

  • 1.

    To create your scrapbook spine, fold a long, narrow piece of construction paper accordion style.

  • 2.

    Make a front cover by using Crayola® Glue Sticks to attach a square paper to your scrapbook spine. On the cover, write your name and other words with Crayola Crayons and Metallic Colored Pencils. Tear pieces of recycled papers such as gift-wrap or tissue paper. Glue them on the cover.

  • 3.

    For scrapbook pages, glue several pieces of recycled white paper between the folds of the scrap book spine.

  • 4.

    Draw and write about your special memories. To create mounting corners for your "photos," use Crayola Scissors to cut small paper triangles and glue them on the corners of your pictures.