Santa and His Mischievous Elf

Santa and His Mischievous Elf craft

Get ready for the winter holidays with a fun and festive decoration! This sculpture will delight your whole family.

  • 1.

    Cover a base. With a rolling pin, roll out a large, thin Model Magic® layer of snow. Drape it over a Box lid.

  • 2.

    Create Santa. Shape crumpled foil into Santa’s body and head. Cover the body with a thin layer of red Model Magic compound for Santa’s suit. Wrap white Model Magic strips for trim on his jacket (see photo).

  • 3.

    Mold a thin Model Magic layer around the head, pinching in eye sockets and cheeks. Roll out red arms and attach to the body. Add white strips for cuffs. Make two gloved hands and attach to arms.

  • 4.

    Add Santa’s eyes, nose, mouth, hair, beard, and moustache. Make a red hat with white trim on the bottom and a poof ball at the end. Roll out two Black Model Magic ovals and attach to his legs for boots. Carefully press Santa on the base. If the base is dr

  • 5.

    Make nine small Model Magic rectangles in different sizes. Stack them to create piles of presents. Roll out and attach long skinny Model Magic ribbons. Top gifts with tiny Model Magic bows. Carefully press one stack of presents in Santa’s hands.

  • 6.

    Make Santa’s elf. Start with a green Model Magic trapezoid for the elf’s torso. Wrap a small Model Magic piece around the top for a collar. Add a Black Model Magic belt. Roll several tiny Model Magic balls. Attach them to the front of the elf’s suit for b

  • 7.

    Roll out Model Magic arms and legs. Attach to the body. Add cuffs to both. Roll a yellow Model Magic ball for the elf’s head and place on top of the collar. Add eyes, ears, nose, and a mouth. Top off his head with a slouchy hat. Roll out two curling shoes

  • 8.

    Roll out a long, flat, curling Model Magic rectangle to make Santa’s list. Attach it to the elf’s hands. Glue your elf on the base.

  • 9.

    Complete the scene. Adorn the snowy scene with Christmas trees. Mix yellow and blue Model Magic compound to make green. Shape stacked Model Magic cones that vary in size to make trees. Press white Model Magic compound on each cone to create snowy edges. T

  • 10.

    Model Magic compound dries to the touch overnight and dries completely in about 3 days. Happy holidays!