Scarecrow Scurry

Scarecrow Scurry craft

Fall parties and festivals are perfect to enjoy this big-time arts and crafts project. Kids cooperate and combine their creativity as small groups scurry in this art-based relay race.

  • 1.

    Before the party: Divide the list of party guests into teams. Each team will work together to turn paper bags into a scarecrow. Each scarecrow uses 10 paper bags: one large grocery bag for the body, one medium-sized bag for the head, and two small lunch bags for each arm and leg.

  • 2.

    At the party: Guests turn bags inside out to hide print. Each team uses Crayola® Washable Markers to draw a face on the head. Draw hair or cut strips of construction paper with Crayola Scissors and attached with masking tape. Children younger than age 3 can safely tear strips of paper for hair.

  • 3.

    Draw patterned shirts, pants, fingers, boots or toes, and other details on the remaining bags. Stuff bags with lightly wadded newspaper. Close each bag with masking tape.

  • 4.

    To play the game: Gather each team's scarecrow parts in one area. Place a chair and roll of masking tape for each team a short distance away from the team's pile of scarecrow parts. This area is the relay race space.

  • 5.

    Teams members participate in a relay race. Taking turns, each runner scurries to get a scarecrow part and bring it to the chair. Other team members work together to add each part to the scarecrow. Who will be first to finish building the scarecrow?