School Carnival

School Carnival craft

Make posters that not only catch attention but deliver information that people can take along with them! Crayola ReStick ‘Ems make your posters, projects, and signs a success.

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    Do you have an event you are planning for a school, church, volunteer or community organization? With some careful planning, creative tips and Crayola ReStick ‘Ems, you can get more attention for your event.

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    Plan your poster: ? Decide what colors you would like to feature on your poster. Choose colors of posterboard and Crayola ReStick ‘Ems Letters and Numbers that attract attention. ? Plan the wording for your poster. What is the most important information? Use the larger ReStick ‘Ems Letters for slogans, event names, etc. Use the smaller letters for basic information such as dates, times, highlights, etc. ? What information would you like to provide for people who are interested in being a part of the fun? Make brochures, registration forms, and fliers to display on your poster.

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    Create your poster: ? Press letters in place on the poster. Use a ruler to keep lines straight. Peel off and re-stick letters until they look just right. ? Choose the right size ReStick ‘Ems pocket for the information you’d like to offer on your poster. Peel away the backing strips and place on your posterboard. Carefully peel off and re-stick until they are arranged just right. Insert your information into the pocket. ? Add sparkle! Choose a ReStick ‘Ems stencil. Press in place on your poster. Fill in the shape with the included Crayola Glitter Glue. Remove the stencil, wipe with a paper towel, reposition in another area of your poster and repeat. Stencil several shapes on your poster.

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    Let your poster dry completely before displaying. ? Display the poster at eye-level to get the most attention. ? Be sure to check on your poster so you can refill the Quick Pocket when it is empty!