Sea Glass Necklace

Showcase sea glass pieces in a pretty pendant for a perfect Mother’s Day gift.

  • 1.

    Turn a beautiful piece of sea glass into fashionable piece of jewelry for Mom. Sea glass can be found in craft stores or if you are lucky enough, on the beach!

  • 2.

    There are many fun color options when using Crayola® Model Magic. Use a single color. Twist and swirl two colors to create a new shade or a swirl. Another option is to create a shade by dabbing color from a Crayola Washable Marker onto a piece of white Crayola Model Magic. Knead the Model Magic until the marker color is blended in to create the perfect shade.

  • 3.

    Roll a piece of Model Magic into a small ball. Carefully mold the Model Magic around the sea glass. Leave one side open to expose the beautiful piece of sea glass.

  • 4.

    Insert a jewelry ring on the top part of the pendant. You may want to use a dab of Crayola School Glue for added security. Dry overnight.

  • 5.

    Cut a piece of string or jewelry cord long enough to create a necklace that will fit over your Mom’s head. Thread it through the jewelry ring and knot the ends together.