Secret Snow

Secret Snow craft

Have fun drawing snowflakes, clouds, or even secret messages with a white crayon. They seem to be invisible. Cover them with Crayola Color Wonder™ Paint and they magically appear!

  • 1.

    Use a white Crayola Crayon to write a "secret message" on Crayola Color Wonder™ Paper. Or create special effects such as falling snowflakes, tracks in the snow, or snow angels! You can even draw white clouds in the sky. Everything you draw with crayon will stay white!

  • 2.

    Now you—or someone you want to surprise—can reveal the secret images. Just paint with the Crayola Color Wonder Paintbrush to fill the spaces and over the top of the crayon. Mix colors for added interest and to make the picture really colorful! The crayon resists the paint, so your white drawings "pop" from the page! Air-dry and display your art with pride!