Set Up Your Own Restaurant

Set Up Your Own Restaurant craft

Do you like going out to eat? Here’s your chance to set up a play restaurant, decorate it in your own style, and serve your favorite food!

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    What kind of restaurant do you like best? Is it a Chinese take out, a charming café, or a fancy Indian restaurant? How would you decorate your own restaurant? What food would you serve? Here are some ideas for setting up your own pretend restaurant.

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    To make a placemat or tablecloth, use Crayola® Erasable Colored Pencils to draw and color slick paper. Erase areas to create lace, or decorations such as ripples in the ocean or grass in a pasture, for example. Add a bright, bold restaurant logo to your placemats.

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    To make a table tent, cut a recycled file folder into a rectangle. Fold it into thirds. Turn it vertically. Above the top fold, sketch and color designs that could stick up, such as flowers or creatures’ heads. In the middle third, write the day’s specials. Put important information in big, bold letters. If you make a mistake, just erase and start again. Carefully cut around the pop-up parts. When the tent is folded to show the specials, you’ll have a pop-up.

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    To make napkin rings, cut sections from a recycled cardboard tube. Cut slick paper to fit the rings. Use erasable colored pencils to draw designs to cover each ring. Erase to create spots on a cow or speckles on a shrimp. Cut away any extra paper. Use Cra

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    Arrange your restaurant tables. Make menus, centerpieces, and window signs, too. Decorate paper plates and serving platters. Create aprons or chef hats. Design receipts and business cards. Have fun playing restaurant with your friends!