Show-Off Shorts

Show-Off Shorts craft

Personalize your wardrobe with fabric crayons! Use them on shorts, jeans, T's, or any clothes you'd like to decorate.

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    Crayola® Fabric Crayon color transfers best on fabric that is 100% polyester or has a high polyester content. Decide what you'd like to write or draw on your shorts or other clothes. There are two ways to use fabric crayons.

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    If you like, draw with the Crayola Fabric Crayons directly on your Show-Off Shorts. Press hard to get bright colors. Brush off any crayon flecks. Lay the shorts on a safe, flat ironing surface. Make a bed of recycled newspaper. Add a layer of white paper. Lay your shorts flat. Cover your design with white paper. Go to step 4.

  • 3.

    Another way to use fabric crayons is to experiment and then draw your final design on white paper. Remember, the image will transfer to the fabric in reverse. Color your art. Press hard so the colors will be bright when they are transferred to your shorts. Brush away any flecks of crayon. Choose a safe, flat location to iron. Make a bed of recycled newspaper. Cover the newspaper with white paper. Place the shorts on the plain paper, face up. Lay your colored design <EM>face down </EM>on the fabric. Cover with more white paper.

  • 4.

    Ask an adult to set an iron on cotton, with no steam, and preheat it. Place the iron in one spot, press down, then lift and move the iron to another spot. Repeat until the entire design has been transferred or set. Gently lift paper. Cool.

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    Items decorated with fabric crayons can be machine washed using warm water and gentle cycle. Do not place in dryer.