Silhouette Dancers

Silhouette Dancers craft

Children are natural dancers and artists with their friends. This 'moving' activity keeps kids fit and develops important interpersonal and spatial skills.

  • 1.

    Choose some really lively music for dancing. Consider jazz, or African or Native American drums. Ask a friend to take turns with you to turn the music on and off or to dance.

  • 2.

    Hang a large sheet of paper on a wall with masking tape (newspaper will do in a pinch). Move to the music in front of a light that casts your shadow on the paper. To do this outdoors, use a portable music source and the sun.

  • 3.

    Your partner stops the music (musical-chairs style) and you freeze in position.

  • 4.

    Hold still while you partner draws your silhouette with Crayola® Washable Markers or Crayons. Then it's your partner's turn to dance, and your turn to stop the music and draw.

  • 5.

    Cut out your outlines with Crayola Scissors. Decorate your silhouette dancers with colors and patterns inspired by the music using Crayola Washable Markers or Crayons.