Skim Along the Waves!

Skim Along the Waves! craft

Use cool colors and hot designs for this fun water-sport craft! Crayola Model Magic® compound helps you sail the waters of art as you design your own wind sail!

  • 1.

    Choose a few key colors to be in your main design. Roll out a long, thin Crayola Model Magic® slab on a smooth surface using the wooden dowel that will be your wind sail’s mast. Roll the slab around your dowel, leaving one tip uncovered. Smooth the seam and top edge.

  • 2.

    Make your Model Magic wind sail like a slightly thick surfboard. Round out and taper the front. To make the sail, cut a very thin slab of modeling compound in a triangle with scissors. Drape it over crumpled paper and leave it to dry for about 2 to 3 days to make it look like the wind is blowing.

  • 3.

    Pick a design theme for your board. You may want to choose stripes (flattened coils), waves (flat, wavy coils) or other designs using coils, slabs, or balls of modeling compound. Your imagination is the limit! After you make your design on the board, repeat it (or part of it) on the sail!

  • 4.

    Use Crayola Glitter Glue to add tiny details and dimension to all of your wind sail pieces. It’s really fun to add dots and lines! Allow to air-dry.

  • 5.

    Press the dowel into the board near the middle. Use a small ball of modeling compound to attach the top and bottom of the sail to the mast. Model Magic® dries to the touch overnight and dries completely in 2 to 3 days.

  • 6.

    Your wind sail is ready to fly! You can even make a diorama scene to put it in or a stand on which to display it!