Sparkling, Swimming Fish

Sparkling, Swimming Fish craft

When fish are wet, their scales are so shiny. With Color Wonder™ Glitter Paint, your fish will sparkle—with no mess.

  • 1.

    Unfold your huge sheet of Crayola Color Wonder Paper. Remove the plastic pegs from your Color Wonder Glitter Paint brushes so the paint can flow.

  • 2.

    To show your fish swimming among seaweed, paint a few plants in front first!

  • 3.

    Then draw a large oval for the fish body. Leave breaks in the oval so it looks like the fish is swimming behind the seaweed. Add triangles for a tail and fins. Make a circle for an eye. Draw scales by making lots of U shapes on the fish body. By now, your scene is filled with sparkles!

  • 4.

    Add more seaweed waving in the water. You could even paint tiny fish to make a whole school of sparkling swimmers. Air-dry the paint before hanging.