Spirals on Paper Plates

Spirals on Paper Plates craft

Let your eyes revel in the intricacies of Islamic art! Try your own ornamental designs with Crayola® Gel Markers.

  • 1.

    In the Qur'ran (the Muslim holy book) there are many references to the beauty of nature. This beauty is reproduced on Islamic plates, vases, tiles, and other objects with intricate patterns of interlaced lines. When flowers, fruits, or foliage are placed in a spiral pattern, the art is called Arabesque.

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    Find examples of Islamic Arabesque on the Internet or in books. See how the plants and flowers are drawn with an abstract and geometric flair.

  • 3.

    On the back of a white paper plate or bowl, draw your own Arabesque with Crayola gel markers or crayons. Keep the spiral shape of the surface in mind when designing your motifs.