Splatter at Your Feet

Splatter at Your Feet craft

Imagine making Abstract Impressionist art with your Crayola Super Brush™ in your driveway! Your whole family can paint just like Jackson Pollock.

  • 1.

    Jackson Pollock used a "drip and splash" style of painting, and you can, too! He attached his canvas to the floor or wall and poured and dripped his paint on it. Your driveway or a spot at the park will work just as well.

  • 2.

    With an adult, choose a large asphalt space to create a giant painting. Read the directions for Crayola Sidewalk Paint and your Super Brush system. Prepare to create an enormous Pollock-like piece of outdoor-framed sidewalk art!

  • 3.

    Begin by using the brightest paint color. Press directly down in firm motions to create a large area of splatters. It is not necessary to wash the reservoir before changing to another color because the mixed paint adds to the beauty of your art! Continue refilling and splattering until you have used each color at least once.

  • 4.

    Refill to the darkest color and change tips to the sponge brush attachment. Paint a picture frame all the way around your art to make your painting look like gallery-framed art! Air-dry the first coat.

  • 5.

    Add another layer for richer color. Change colors and switch to the paintbrush attachment to add texture to your frame. Voila! You now have an oversized, Pollock-style art gallery! Sign your artwork!