Sporty Sculptures

Sporty Sculptures craft

Ride the waves, dudes, with this fun sculpture. Use Crayola® Model Magic® to sculpt a surfer—or whatever your favorite summer sport!

  • 1.

    What summer sports are your passions? Surfing? Hiking? Biking? Canoeing? Caving? If you can, do your sport yourself, safely of course, and have someone take pictures. Watch someone doing the sport. Find pictures of people having fun in the sun. Notice their postures. Get a sense of the scene around them. What equipment are they using?

  • 2.

    With white Crayola Model Magic, sculpt yourself doing this summer sport. To get sunny colors, knead the color from Crayola Washable Markers into the modeling dough. For a marble effect, knead the Model Magic just a bit. For solid colors, knead until the color is evenly spread.

  • 3.

    Shape your mini-body to show action! Are you crouched on a surfboard? Or dangling on a rope from the side of a mountain? Add any equipment you need, including safety items such as helmets.

  • 4.

    Air-dry your sculpture. Why not make a whole set showing every sport you WISH you could try! Hang 10!