Stick Up a Snowman Magnet

Stick Up a Snowman Magnet craft

Brrrr-ing some winter fun indoors! Sculpt a cool snow creature in the warmth of your home! Decorate it with sticks and Crayola Model Magic.

  • 1.

    With an adult, go outdoors to find tiny fallen twigs to use for arms, a cane, or other snow creature accessories. Wash and dry your hands.

  • 2.

    Using white Crayola Model Magic® compound, form any snow-sculpture shape you want. For a snowman like the one in the picture, make three balls, each slightly larger than the first. Press each of the balls a bit to flatten them. Then press the balls together to form a snowman or woman. Model Magic compound fresh from the pack sticks to itself and to most surfaces. Press a piece of magnetic tape into the back of the snowman.

  • 3.

    Press your small sticks into the sides to create arms. Use more Model Magic compound to create eyes, a carrot-shaped nose, hat, scarf, face, mittens, or other details.

  • 4.

    Air-dry your creation. Model Magic compound dries to the touch overnight and is completely dry in 2 to 3 days. Place your snowman on a metal surface and enjoy—even on the next sunny day!