Thai Flower Door Hanger

Thai Flower Door Hanger craft

Pass on your best wishes the way the people of Thailand do. Hang a Thai Flower Door Hanger in every room!

  • 1.

    Thai people often present people they care for and respect with a beautiful, white handmade flower. These flowers are hung from doorknobs, mirrors, and other places as symbols of good luck and good wishes. Make your own decorative flower with lightweight Crayola® Model Magic®. It helps to look at the picture for this challenging craft!

  • 2.

    Assemble the stem. Form a loop with a gold, metallic chenille stem. Tie a small bow with another chenille stem. Attach it to the bottom of the loop. Tie a third stem to the bottom of the loop/bow arrangement. You will build your flower over this long, straight stem.

  • 3.

    Attach the first layer of petals. Lay your chenille stems on white paper. Use white Model Magic to form several long petals, which will be the base for your flower. Shape them by rolling them in your hands, then pinching or rolling a point on each one.

  • 4.

    Choose a point on the straight chenille stem that is the length of the petals you made. Press the base of a petal onto the stem. Continue to arrange more petals in a single-layer pattern that radiates from that point. A section of the chenille stem should

  • 5.

    Add more layers of petals. Make several shorter white petals. Arrange them from the same, central point. Press the base into the center as you arrange the petals over the first layer. Continue until you have a nice, full white flower.

  • 6.

    Add leaves and red rosettes. Make three leaves from green Model Magic. Press them into the center of the white petals.

  • 7.

    Finish the main flower by creating a central rosette from red Model Magic. Make several small, round balls, and then flatten each one with your thumb. Overlap edges of these flat balls to arrange them in a circle. Press the rosette into the center of your

  • 8.

    Complete the bottom. Add leaves and a larger rosette to the chenille stem that is at the bottom of the white flower.

  • 9.

    Make a loop in the remaining chenille stem below the rosette. Attach three short sections of chenille stem to this loop, so they create short tassels.

  • 10.

    Press white Model Magic onto the tassel sections. Shape them into beads by gently squeezing them with a partially closed scissor. When each tassel has a few of these white beads, add small green leaves and a final small red rosette to each one.

  • 11.

    Prop up the tassels so they stay separate as they dry. Air-dry your Thai Flower Door Hanger overnight.