Thatched-Roof Cottage

Thatched-Roof Cottage craft

Ever stood inside a thatched-roof cottage? They're cool in summer, warm in winter. Create your own barn or cottage - or a whole village - with thatched roofs!

  • 1.

    Find pictures of homes and barns with thatched roofs. These structures were built all over the world, including Great Britain, Africa, and North America, for many centuries. Can you figure out how these light-weight roofs are made? Straw or grass is tied into bundles, laid in three layers, and pegged in place with pointed hazel sticks.

  • 2.

    This type of roof was usually used by people who had little money, but not always. In 1300, the owners of a great Norman castle in Sussex, England, bought 6 acres of rushes to make the roof of their castle. How easily thatched roofs would catch fire! Imagine how quickly the Great Fire of London spread for 3 days beginning on September 2, 1666!

  • 3.

    Eventually, trains were used to ship cheap slate for roofs, roof tiles were invented, and thatch was used less often. You can still find thatched roofs in many parts of the world.

  • 4.

    To make your own replica thatched-roof cottage or barn, start with a recycled box. Use Crayola® Scissors to cut construction paper to cover the box if it has writing or pictures on it. Attach the paper with Crayola School Glue. Dry.

  • 5.

    Cut rectangles from colored construction paper for doors and window trim. Glue them to your cottage. Cut smaller rectangles of white paper for the inside of your windows. Use Crayola Gel Markers to make window panes. Glue windows inside the trim. Dry.

  • 6.

    Use your markers on brown construction paper to make wood trim for your cottage. Experiment with different lines and patterns to create the wood grain. Use the tip of the marker to make very fine lines. Draw lines close together to look like wood grain. T

  • 7.

    Peel the paper from both sides of corrugated cardboard. The rough-looking ridges look almost like a thatched roof! Add marker lines for straw if you like. Glue to the box. Dry.

  • 8.

    Use a white Gel Marker to make brick or stone patterns on red or gray paper. Cut and fold the paper to create steps and a chimney. Glue to your cottage. Dry.

  • 9.

    Use your imagination to create grass, flowers, bushes, or trees. Add fences, ponds, or other details to make your thatched-roof cottage inviting to visitors.