Tiny Telescope

Tiny Telescope craft

Reach for the stars! Create a terrific tiny telescope for your next outer space adventure.

  • 1.

    Color it bright! Make space-inspired designs on a small piece of Neon Color Explosion® paper. Think about stars or planets, space ships or aliens—the sky is the limit!

  • 2.

    You are on a roll! Roll the paper into a tube to create the telescope. Secure the roll with clear adhesive tape.

  • 3.

    Are you ready for blast off? If desired, use a hole punch to add decorative holes for that extra touch! Tape a piece of ribbon, string or yarn onto the telescope to create a necklace. Your telescope is ready for your trip to the next galaxy and beyond!

  • 4.

    Telescopes don’t have to be tiny! Consider making a larger telescope for your next adventure.