Tiny Treasures Plaque

Tiny Treasures Plaque craft

Looking for a unique gift that someone special will treasure forever? Choose a favorite short saying or line of poetry to preserve on a beautiful miniature wall hanging.

  • 1.

    What is your family’s favorite saying or verse? Remember it forever with this easy-to-make plaque embellished with tiny treasures.

  • 2.

    With your hand or a rolling pin, flatten Crayola® Air-Dry Clay on a paper plate. Leave the edges natural, smooth them with a wet finger, or cut a shape with a cookie cutter. Use a toothpick to etch your saying on the plaque.

  • 3.

    Choose several tiny objects to decorate your wall hanging. You might embed sea shells, buttons, coins, beads, or feathers. Add texture by gently impressing objects such as a leaf or marker cap. Poke two holes into the top for hanging. Air-dry your plaque for at least 48 hours.

  • 4.

    Paint the plaque with Crayola Watercolors or Tempera Paints and Brushes to achieve the effect you want. To highlight the saying, rub dark paint into the letters with a cotton swab. Wipe off any excess paint with a paper towel. Air-dry the paint.

  • 5.

    Thread festive ribbon or leather cord through the holes for hanging. What an impressive gift!