Way-Cool Cyclin' Dude

Way-Cool Cyclin' Dude craft

Always dreamed of riding a screaming motorcycle? Your imagination will work at full speed to sculpt this amazing machine that looks like it’s burning rubber!

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    If you’re a serious motorcycle fan and love a creative challenge, this sculpture is definitely for you! Here’s how we made our Cyclin’ Dude—and you’ll surely have many more ideas to give the project your own twist. It might even make a great Father’s Day gift. Remember, Model Magic compound fresh from the pack sticks to itself, but you might need glue to help keep things together for this project that has several steps.

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    To make the motorcycle: Crumple aluminum foil into a thick log a bit smaller than the size of the bike’s seat. Cover this armature with Crayola Model Magic® compound. Shape the cycle’s chassis—seat and body of bike.

  • 3.

    Make two hubcaps with thick discs of modeling compound. Roll tire-size snakes of black modeling material. Wrap these around the hubcaps. For road-hugging wheels, impress tire tread designs with modeling tools.

  • 4.

    Attach wheels to seat section. Cover toothpicks with Model Magic and stick them beside wheels for shock absorbers. Roll snakes for the "zorst" (exhaust pipes), which also help to hold the wheels on the bike.

  • 5.

    Roll additional snakes (maybe mix black with white for a chrome look) for handlebars. Build up the chassis area (gas tank in front, leather seat in back) enough to attach handlebars.

  • 6.

    After you have the bike securely formed, start to add elements to trick out your ride, such as fenders over the wheels and tail lights. Air-dry your bike.

  • 7.

    To make a rider: Scrunch up aluminum foil to form a stick figure. Position this armature in the pose you want your biker to have. Make sure it’s the correct scale to fit the bike.

  • 8.

    Cover the armature from the bottom up with Model Magic—black biker boots, leggings, and shirt to protect the biker’s body.

  • 9.

    Why not make your sculpture a little unusual by making your biker an animal, such as a furry bear? After shaping the animal’s limbs, use a toothpick to feather the hairy edges of the bear’s arms, chest, neck, and back.

  • 10.

    Roll a head and add more modeling material to shape the bear’s snout and ears. Detail the face with contrasting Model Magic eyes, nose, and ear insides. Blend two bright colors halfway to create a marbleized look that you can use to fashion the biker’s he

  • 11.

    Attach all these pieces with glue. Be sure to balance the motorcycle so that it remains upright.

  • 12.

    To create asphalt: Why not give the impression of speed and action? Roll out black Model Magic for pavement. Roll, flatten, and add yellow road lines. Fasten the front wheel to the road. Air-dry the sculpture before you show it to your friends. Take pictu