What’s the Mystery Picture?

What’s the Mystery Picture? craft

Who can keep a surprise? Ask them to make your mystery game. Then peek through the tiny hole. What do you see?

  • 1.

    You’ll need at least two people for this game: An adult (or older child) to prepare the surprise, and curious children and grownups to play!

  • 2.

    An adult prepares the mystery. Choose a picture of a familiar object, animal, or character from a magazine. Find heavy paper big enough to cover the whole picture. Tear or cut a tiny flap somewhere in the heavy paper. Cover the picture and tape the edges together. No peeking!

  • 3.

    What’s the mystery picture? Now it’s your turn. Lift the flap and peek inside. What do you see? Use Crayola® Gel Markers and Multicultural Markers to draw what you think the entire picture is.

  • 4.

    Ask your friends, brothers or sisters, and anyone else who’s curious to play, too. When everyone has drawn their ideas, uncover the picture. Why not have fun with a new mystery picture each week?