Do you offer helpful hints for using the Scribble Scrubbie App?

Have questions about your Scribble Scrubbie app? We have the answers!

Where is the Scribble Scrubbie App available?

  • This amazing app is available on Apple and Android.

What kind of connection is required to use the app? 

  • A data connection (WiFi or cellular) is only required to watch videos in the theater. All other features of the app work offline.

How do I unlock a new Scribble Scrubbie pet? 

  • PLAY - A new pet is earned every time the creativity meter at the top of the screen is filled. Activities like coloring, washing, feeding, taking photos, watching videos and playing with your pets will help fill the creativity meter. All 32 Scribble Scrubbie pets can be unlocked through play, no purchase necessary.
  • DAILY PHOTO – Once per day, you can complete the daily photo challenge to fill your creativity meter! Check the daily photo for inspiration, color your real Scribble Scrubbie toy, and take a photo to complete the challenge. Don’t worry, your photos are private and only stored on your device.
  • SCAN UPC – If you have a Scribble Scrubbie package, the UPC can be scanned to immediately unlock all of the pets included in that product. Simply visit your pet collection and tap the "add pet" button in the top right to scan a UPC. Keep in mind, unlocked pets may differ from those in the product you scanned. If you no longer have your Scribble Scrubbie package to scan, all 32 pets can still be unlocked through play.

Can I pick which Scribble Scrubbie is unlocked next? 

  • It's a surprise! Rewards from the creativity meter are randomly selected.

Where can I purchase Scribble Scrubbie products?

Can I save my photos? 

  • Yes! All Scribble Scrubbie photos in the photo gallery can be saved to your device locally. In the photo gallery simply tap the photo you want to save to make it bigger, then tap the "save to your device" button in the upper right corner. Pictures will be saved to your mobile device’s photo gallery.

Can I change my Scribble Scrubbie design? 

  • Absolutely! Scribble Scrubbie pets love to be washed and colored again and again! Simply tap your Scribble Scrubbie in the habitat to bring up the color or wash button. You can also color or wash your pet in the My Pets section of the app by tapping on any unlocked pet.


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