Do you offer helpful tips for using the Crayola Color Wonder Mess Free Airbrush?

We'd like to help get your Color Wonder Mess Free Airbrush working!  We have some troubleshooting tips to share with you.

1)  Insert new, fresh batteries in the unit.

2)  Set the unit on a flat surface.

3)  Push the on/off switch located on top of the unit base to the “1” and away from “0”.  

4)  Look at the bottom of the handle or spray unit, and you will see a white cone.  Touch the tip of the cone to the Color Wonder paper and press the yellow button.  At this time, you will hear the motor turn on.  This is how the hand unit must be held for the Airbrush to operate.  This feature is to ensure the Airbrush will only spray downward and on the special paper.

5)  When inserting the marker, listen for it to click in place.  Give it a slight turn to the right and press the yellow button to activate the spray.

6)  The unit will shut off if the nozzle is tilted up or to the left and right.  It will also shut off if the nozzle is moved too quickly.  It is important to only spray downward on the paper.

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