Where can I buy Crayola Mini-Stampers Markers?

Crayola Washable Mini-Stampers Expressions are a 10 count set that include shapes of a music note, lips, exclamation point, asterisk, heart, swirl, smiley face, star, question mark, and eye.

Crayola Mini-Stampers may be found at Target, Barnes & Noble or through educational supply distributors and retail stores.

To locate a teacher/educational supply store near you, please check your local yellow pages under "school supplies". In addition, you may wish to order them through our themed retail stores:

The Crayola Store, Easton, Pennsylvania -1.888.827.2966 or 610.253.3703

The Crayola Store and Cafe, Kansas City, Missouri - 1.888.425.5722 or 816.274.7500