Where can I purchase Crayola Glitter Crayons in Canada?

Crayola Glitter Crayons are no longer sold separately in Canada, however, they are included in the Crayola Telescoping Crayon Tower. This set of 150 crayons contains 16 Glitter Crayons and is available at most retail stores carrying Crayola products.

In addition, 16-count Glitter Crayons are available through some educational mail order suppliers such as:

Blick Art Materials - (800) 447-8192 or on-line at http://www.dickblick.com

Nasco Arts & Crafts - (800) 558-9595 or on-line at http://www.enasco.com

Paper People - (877) 985-7877 or on-line at http://www.thepaperpeople.com

Art Supply Wholesale - (800) 462-2420 or on-line at http://allartsupplies.com