Where can I purchase Crayola Multicultural products?

We make a variety of Crayola Multicultural products which contain an assortment of skin tone colors found around the world. This product line includes items such as paint, markers, crayons and colored pencils.

Multicultural products are generally sold through teacher supply stores, educational retailers and distributors. To locate a teacher/educational supply store near you, please check your local yellow pages under “school supplies.”

Some educational retailers offer mail order and Internet ordering service:

Blick Art Materials - (800) 447-8192 or on-line at http://www.dickblick.com

Nasco Arts & Crafts - (800) 558-9595 or on-line at http://www.enasco.com

Paper People - (877) 985-7877 or on-line at http://www.thepaperpeople.com

Art Supply Wholesale - (800) 462-2420 or on-line at http://allartsupplies.com

For your convenience, Crayola Multicultural products may be available to purchase online at Crayola.com.