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Go Wild

Help children understand important identity issues through reading the serious, though humorously illustrated, picture book "Mr. Tiger Goes Wild". Then follow the read activity by making masks with paper plates and Crayola® Twistables Slick Stix.

  • Grade 1
  • Multiple Lesson Periods
  • Directions

    1. Read the picture book "Mr. Tiger Goes Wild" by Peter Brown to the class. Explain what the word "proper" means. Talk about how Mr. Tiger looks throughout the book. At the beginning what is he wearing? What is his posture like? How about his facial expressions? How do these change? How do these changes make Mr. Tiger feel? What happens when he goes completely "wild"? In the end, he finds a balance between the two extremes and becomes happy being himself.
    2. Ask the children if there has ever been a time when they feel like the first Mr. Tiger. Do they ever go completely wild? Discuss the circumstances and what are some outcomes during that wild time.
    3. Ask students to cover their work areas with recycled newspaper and put on their smocks. Provide each student two paper plates and make Crayola Twistables Slick Stix available for their use. Keep in mind that Slick Stix contain pigments that may stain clothing, fabrics and other household surfaces.
    4. Invite students to draw a portrait of themselves as proper as Mr. Tiger on one convex side of a plate.
    5. Next ask the students to draw their "WILD" portraits on the other plates.
    6. With adult assistance as needed, each student will tape a craft stick in place (at the mask's chin) onto one of the plate's concave edges. Then run a bead around the edge of the back of the plate with Crayola No-Run School Glue. Attach the other plate's back edge so that the drawings are on either side of a two-faced mask with the stick in between as a handle.
    7. For the class presentations, each student shows their two-sided masks, explaining the visual cues in their artwork. The show will end with everyone, raising their masks above their heads to reveal their true, balanced selves.
  • Standards

    LA: With prompting and support, describe the relationship between illustrations and the story in which they appear (e.g., what moment in a story an illustration depicts).

    LA: Actively engage in group reading activities with purpose and understanding.

    LA: Add drawings or other visual displays to descriptions as desired to provide additional detail.

    LA: Speak audibly and express thoughts, feelings, and ideas clearly.

    SS: Describe personal changes over time, such as those related to physical development and personal interests.

    SS: Explore factors that contribute to one’s personal identity such as interests, capabilities, and perceptions.

    SS: Analyze a particular event to identify reasons individuals might respond to it in different ways.

    VA: Students will initiate making works of art and design by experimenting, imagining and identifying content.

    VA: Students will investigate, plan and work through materials and ideas to make works of art and design.

    VA: Creative thinking skills transfer to all aspects of life.

    VA: Students experience, analyze and interpret art and other aspects of the visual world.

  • Adaptations

    Challenge the students to draw a self-portrait with the help of a mirror. Glue on various 3D elements to "flesh" out the portrayal. Display these with their two-faced masks in a pocket attached to the self-portrait.

    Plan a "Wild" and a "Proper" day at school. Ask the children to dress accordingly. Have the students come up with some corresponding activities for each day like playing Katy Perry's song "Roar" or having a formal tea party.


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  • Creativity.
  • Capacity.
  • Collaboration.
  • Change.
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