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The Someday Me

Children love to imagine what they may become. Imagine with them, as they visually explore possibilities after reading award the winning book, Someday by Eileen Spinelli.

  • Grade 1
  • 60 to 90 Minutes
  • Directions

    1. Prior to opening this lesson, photograph and print pictures of individual students. Printing in black and white works best, as student will be allowed to add the color.
    2. Gather the class and read " Someday" by Eileen Spinelli. Discuss all the things the young girl plans to be and how she connects to those goals in her daily life as a child. Ask students to help list some of the careers aspire to achieve.
    3. Have students share with a neighbor what they can do as a child to develop skills they will need to achieve their career goals. You may to give an example such as practice dancing.
    4. Demonstrate how to cut around the printed picture using Crayola Blunt-Tip Scissors®. Copying extras for emerging cutters is always a good idea.
    5. Instruct students to adhere the image onto a background of 11' x 14' white cardstock using a Crayola® Glue Stick . Demonstrate how to make the baseline of the image touch the bottom of the cardstock, allowing room around the top for drawing space later.
    6. Demonstrate how the image can be enhanced using Crayola Watercolor Paints. Water paints down, creating light washes to add over printed area. They can paint area around themselves, Crayola Watercolor Colored Pencils work well also. Fill background space with colored pencil; then wet brush and spread pigment on paper.
    7. Explain to the students they are going to focus on the one career they are most interested in. Ask them to consider what they would wear, what training they would need, what tools they would use. Have students sketch their ideas on a piece of scrap paper, share with a friend, and brainstorm together for additional ideas. Remind young learners to focus on things or objects makes this lesson more concrete and understandable.
    8. Show students how to attach a piece of transparency film to the top front of their artwork with a piece of clear tape.
    9. On the front of the transparency film, students draw the tools and materials they brainstormed earlier using Crayola Slick Sticks. One approach would be the tools and materials of the trade are floating around their head as symbolic ideas. Short dashed movement lines could be added to unite the piece.
    10. Allow students to gather together and share their work. Allow classmates to use the clues the student artist gave them to guess what they aspire to become.
  • Standards

    LA: With prompting and support, ask and answer questions about key details in a text.

    LA: With guidance and support from adults, recall information from experiences or gather information from provided sources to answer a question.

    LA: Actively engage in group reading activities with purpose and understanding,

    LA: Distinguish their own point of view from that of the narrator or those of the characters.

    SS: Identify and describe ways family, groups, and community influence the individual’s daily life and personal choices.

    SS: Explore factors that contribute to one’s personal identity such as interests, capabilities, and perceptions.

    VA: Create art that tells a story about a life experience.

    VA: Describe what an image represents.

  • Adaptations

    Allow students to become movie makers, interviewing each other, what will they become someday, what tools & training will they need?

    Students create a book about their future profession.

    Create a class mural of career skills


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  • Creativity.
  • Capacity.
  • Collaboration.
  • Change.
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