Can you provide additional information regarding the Crayola Art Exhibition?

FAQs for 2017-2018 Empowering Students Through Creative Leadership Art Exhibition

1. Why can't I find information about the Art Expo online?

a. Type into your browser.

2. Is there an easy print out for students to take home to parents about this exhibition?

a. The Crayola Artwork Permission Form can be provided to schools and/or families as a point of reference, but does not need to be submitted to Crayola unless the student is selected as a finalist.

3. Is there a limit to the number of entries a teacher or school submits?

a. No, there is no limit on submissions.

4. How should I send the student's information?

a. When submitting the student's artwork scan to, in the body of the email be sure to include: student's name and grade level, school's name and location (city/state), submitting teacher's name and email address
b. If multiple pieces of artwork are being submitted by the same teacher, be sure to include the student and grade level for each student; however, school's name/location and submitting teacher's info can be listed once.

5. Should the student's name be on the artwork?

a. Place student name on the backside of the artwork.

6. What does the inspiration statement need to include?

a. The student's inspiration statement should, in 50 words or less, connect to the overall theme "Empowering Students Through Creative Leadership." Teachers are urged to share the creative leadership prompts on the poster to inspire students' work.

7. How/where do I submit the title and inspiration statement?

a. Students can title their artwork and write their 50 word or less inspiration statement while creating their art, but this information does not need to be included with the artwork photo/scan submission. After the finalists are announced, the Artwork Permission Form will be released and it is on this form that the title and statement can be provided.

8. Do I need to follow the prompts on the poster?

a. The prompts on the poster can be used as-is, or you are welcomed to create your own for your students around creative leadership—those listed on the poster can act as a guide or springboard, but you can certainly use your own.

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9. How will I receive the parent consent form?

a. Unless a student is selected as a finalist, he/she does not need to complete and submit an Artwork Consent Form. That said, if you need a parent consent form to send home to families prior to the child creating his/her artwork, the Artwork Form can be provided.
b. Once finalists are announced, each will receive the Crayola Artwork Permission Form to complete and send home to finalist's family to sign by May 9, 2018.

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