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Crayola opens a world of imagination, inspiration and ideas for educators, to support creative teaching and learning. Here you’ll find everything from lesson plans to grant programs, new professional learning opportunities to a thriving community of educators who share your enthusiasm for teaching and encouraging creatively alive children.

Professional Development Professional Development Professional Development

Crayola® is committed to educators and students everywhere. For decades, we've worked as collaborative partners with teachers and administrators to support excellence in teaching and learning not only in art programs, but across the curriculum, for grades PreK-12. As an educator, you'll see that commitment in our webinars, workshops and videos, conference presentations, and an ever-growing resource portfolio. With the debut of creatED, we now offer a new blended professional learning opportunity designed to drive creativity, build educator capacity, strengthen collaboration, and accelerate change.

Find Your Professional Learning Opportunity Here.
Lesson Plans Lesson Plans Lesson Plans

Find all kinds of inspiring, classroom-ready lesson plans that connect to content across the curriculum, for every grade, PreK-12. Each lesson plan includes standards alignments, directions, a supply list, and a sample of a finished product. You'll also find adaptations, background information, supporting resources, and lesson extensions so you can creatively integrate art into core content instruction.

Create new lesson plan excitement! Start here.
Resources and Grants Resources and Grants Resources & Grants

Our Champion Creatively Alive Children grant program in partnership with NAESP, gives principals the opportunity to apply for grants to generate new ideas that build colleagues' creative capabilities and confidence. Champion Creatively Alive Children is a comprehensive training program that you can adapt easily to your schedule and your school or community needs. We also offer resources to connect parents and educators and materials from the Turnaround Arts Initiative.

Take advantage of Crayola Resources and Grant Opportunities.
Compelling Evidence Compelling Evidence Compelling Evidence

Dig into the academic research that supports our new creatED professional learning program and our education program in general. Learn from thought leaders and innovators about benefits of project-based learning, art-infused learning, train-the-trainer PD models, and more.

Read the supporting research here.
Community Community Community

Connect with other educators who share your interest and passion for creatively inspired teaching and learning. Visit our growing community on edWeb and register. There are free regularly scheduled webinars presented by educators across the country, great conversations about creativity and classroom inspiration, free resources, and more.

Connect with Colleagues across the U.S. and World in the Crayola Community.

About Us

Get the latest on Crayola events, our conference schedule and learn more about our education team.

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Art Technique Art Technique

You Can Be a Creative Champion. Yes. You.

The Champion Creatively Alive Children® grant program can help build your school’s creative capacity. Up to 20 schools will win grants this year.

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Learn more about Crayola’s imaginative new
professional learning programs.

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  • Capacity.
  • Collaboration.
  • Change.