Bjorn Brown Axe™

Bjorn Brown-Axe

Bjorn Brown-Axe™

I, Bjorn Brown-Axe, have traveled the frigid northern Atlantic Ocean in search of new places to wield my mighty ax. But, eh, to tell you the truth... I really don’t know where I’m going! ‘Shhh...don’t tell my wife, Brunnhilda. She hates that I never ask directions.’ Anyway, I’ll keep trying to find those legendary warmer lands of the Americas. Nordic winters can be long, cold and grey-very grey! Ahh, I long to see a sandy shore - or at least a beach that isn’t covered in snow and ice! Now if you point me in the right direction, I’ll be off. Now let’ see... I think I should have made a left at Iceland.

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Bjorn Brown Axe

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