Where can I buy Crayola Crayons in bulk and individual, single colors/sizes in the U.S.?

The Custom Crayola 64 Count Box of crayons is an exclusive item sold only through The CrayolaStore.com. You can order up to 4 favorite colors in one box (click the same color 4 times for a single color box of 64 crayons). To view information about the Custom 64 Count Box, please visit http://www.crayolastore.com/custom_box.do.

In addition, many Crayola Crayon colors are available in single color packages each containing one dozen pieces. This product is referred to as a bulk or refill package and is generally sold through educational retailers and distributors. To locate a teacher/educational supply store near you, please check your local yellow pages under “school supplies.”
Below is the list of Crayola Crayon colors available in bulk:

*carnation pink
*violet (purple)

*available in regular and large size crayons

Here are a few suppliers you can try:

Blick Art Materials (800) 447-8192 or online at http://www.dickblick.com
Nasco Arts & Crafts (800) 558-9595 or online at http://www.enasco.com
Paper People (877) 985-7877 or online at http://www.thepaperpeople.com
Art Supply Wholesale (800) 462-2420 or online at http://allartsupplies.com

Additional bulk crayon color options are available by contacting The Crayola Store. The store is located outside our tour center in Easton, PA. They can be reached at 1.888.827.2966 or 610.253.3703.