How to Play

Playing with Create 2 Destroy play sets and Morphix

Each Create 2 Destroy play set comes with everything you need to create building, launching and smashing adventures with Morphix. From cities and suburbs that are trampled by destructive dinos to desolate landscapes with hidden monsters and brave warriors, Create 2 Destroy with Morphix provides hours of creative play!

Getting Started with Create 2 Destroy and Morphix

All About Morphix

  • PROTECT ALL PLAY SURFACES DURING USE WITH THE INCLUDED PLAY MATS.  Morphix is an abrasive compound that may scratch household surfaces.  Do not place Morphix directly on surfaces to knead, mold or dry (like countertops, tables and flooring).
  • Knead until mixed and uniform in texture and appearance. 
  • Keep Morphix moist and moldable—store it tightly covered when not using.
  • Molded pieces begin to harden in 2-4 hours and will fully dry overnight. 
  • Do not add water to soften or place dried material back in the tub. 
  • Catapults and other launchers are designed for use with Morphix only. No other objects should be used as projectiles. 


Molding, Building and Destroying with Morphix

Build your city scene or fortress.

Press Morphix into molds.

Turn mold over and tap edge on the play mat or table to release.