Household Tools

There are many household or kitchen tools that you can use with Model Magic®. Be sure to check with an adult first to make sure the tools are safe.

Fork or Comb


Use a fork or comb to create interesting textures on your creations.

Marker Caps and Straws


Press a marker cap or straw into moist Model Magic® to create "bubble-like" effects for eyes or bumps. You can use a straw to poke a hole all the way through the Model Magic®. Once it is dry, string ribbon or yarn through the hole to hang.

Rolling Pin or Marker


Flatten Model Magic® by rolling a rolling pin or marker over it. Repeat back and forth until the Model Magic is flattened to the thickness you want.

Crayola® Stencils or Cookie Cutters


Use Crayola® stencils or cookie cutters to create consistent shapes.



Use scissors to cut either moist or partially dry Model Magic® into shapes or to add a decorative fringe effect. It is recommended that you cut Model Magic before it completely dried.

Paper Towel Rolls


Wrap Model Magic around cardboard tubes or balls of crumpled newspaper to build large shapes.


Use different items or textures to add decorative details to your artwork.



Decorate Model Magic with faux gemstones for a sparkly jeweled look. Glue the gems onto dry Model Magic® or press gems into moist Model Magic®.



Press buttons into moist Model Magic® or glue them on after the Model Magic is dry.



Attach feathers by pressing them into Model Magic® or gluing to the artwork for furry animals and feathery birds.

Paper Clips


Slide paper clips into moist Model Magic® so that only the top part is showing. Allow to dry then string ribbon or yarn through the hole to hang.