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This was a 5-star seminar. Art integration is not an initiative that (is) being implemented until something new comes along.

A New Professional Learning Opportunity from Crayola

For teacher leaders and coaches, creatED offers the opportunity to learn and share the techniques of creative thinking and leadership to boost achievement and accelerate transformation.

•Creative Leadership     •Multiliteracies     •STEAM     •Family Engagement  

creatED at a Glance

creatED gives schools and districts practical, art-infused teaching strategies and insights that deepen creative thinking in schools. The program focuses on building creative capacity and embedding project- and inquiry-based learning in K–8 schools. The innovative teaching and learning approaches integrate across the curriculum and across grade spans.

creatED in Action

See how other districts are developing their staff and building creative capacity with creatED professional development. Utilizing project and inquiry based learning strategies, and creative leadership, schools and districts are taking a transformational journey to increasing student engagement and improving school culture and climate.

Prince George Study Clayton Study
Art Integration
Art Integration
  • Develop students’ visualization skills through hands-on art activities
  • Make thinking visible to demonstrate reading and concept comprehension
  • Connect thinking and doing, an essential part of cognitive growth
  • Encourage multiple forms of expression to build success across the curriculum
Project-Based Learning
Project-Based Learning
  • Engage with deep content inquiry and learning
  • Strengthen cognitive and interpersonal skills
  • Answer real-world questions with authentic challenges
  • Emphasize effective collaborative learning
  • Open opportunities for creative leadership and a growth mindset
Design Thinking
Design Thinking
  • Unpack the processes of design thinking
  • Model the processes using the Identify, Define, Explore, Express approach
  • Integrate art/design and engineering components into cross-disciplinary STEAM learning projects and activities
Student Leadership Development
Student Leadership Development
  • Create opportunities for leadership for every learner
  • Strengthen students’ innate leadership skills
  • Teach the specific skills of effective leadership
  • Connect leadership to motivation, organization, and collaboration
  • Leverage project-based learning to open leadership opportunities
  • Practice planning and reflection, the skills of metacognition
  • Tap prior knowledge and experiences to solve problems
  • Make metacognitive tasks a regular part of learning

Schedule a Free PD Preview Workshop for Your Leadership Team.

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The program is built for flexibility and customization, with one-, two-, and three-year options. The program offers:


One to three days of onsite training each year for teacher-leaders, coaches, administrators, and school improvement/ transformation teams. 


An online repository of resources, classroom application ideas, project-based learning materials, and more, so teams can redeliver to colleagues and school faculty.


Ongoing support and guidance for program participants through consultancies and virtual collaborative sessions.

Creatively Speaking

We regularly host webinars focused on the need for creativity across the curriculum and how school and district leaders can increase creative capacity in their learning environments.


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creatED Professional Learning Resources & Tools

Take a glance at our supporting material and discover the creativity within. Use it across the curriculum and content areas to energize and enrich instruction.

creatED Professional Learning Resources and Tools
Request Sample Resources

  • By educators…for educators.
    That's the strength of the creatED Professional Learning program from Crayola. Our team includes more than 50 education consultants who are master teachers, art integration experts, and school and district administrators. These accomplished educators contribute content for professional development courses and classroom applications, and provide best practice guidance for educators. They also offer valuable expertise in developing art-infused, project based learning experiences and guidance on Crayola coaching protocols. They contribute valuable experience, insight, and expertise to the Crayola professional learning program.

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  • The Crayola Creative Learning Platform
    Our community offers members a portfolio of valuable benefits, including free webinars, a dynamic resource library, online discussion forums, and endless opportunities to connect and collaborate with colleagues who share ideas about the power and potential of art to transform teaching and learning.

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Learn more about Crayola’s imaginative new professional learning programs.