Do you offer helpful tips for using the Crayola Color Explosion Glow Dome?

If the lights and/or spinning features are not operating as expected, the following reset tips are often successful.

1. Check to be sure the batteries are installed properly. Reactivate the unit by sliding the black on/off switch on the underside of the base. The "on" position is indicated by a straight line and may need to be reset by turning it off and back on twice.

2. Remove the center drawing surface, which must be in place for the center lights to work, and firmly push it back into place.

3. Check the red gear ring on the plastic dome to be sure it is flush against the lip. Place the lid on the base.

4. Activate the light feature by moving the silver slider switch to the right. Activate the dome rotation by pressing the silver button. See product instructions for additional details.

Additional tips:

5. Glow Dome Markers are attached to the cardboard packing located at the bottom of the Glow Dome/Dome Light Designer box. Opening the box from the bottom should assist in locating the markers.

6. Room lighting should be dimmed for the Glow Dome/Dome Light Designer lights to show up.

7. Additional tracing sheets are available on at .

8. The unit will turn off automatically after one hour and may require the above reset tips.