Does Crayola conduct focus groups or have a consumer review panel?

At Crayola, our goal is to delight children with fun and exciting new products that are made just for them. As part of our process in developing new products, it is important to get feedback from Parents and Kids to understand their needs and also what is appealing to them. That’s where our creative families come in! Throughout the year, Crayola will recruit Parents and/or Children to participate in focus groups to discuss consumer experiences and preferences or possibly try new product concepts to ensure Crayola delivers products that are fun and exciting for Kids while also meeting the expectations of Parents.

What you should know:
  • To be a member of the Crayola Consumer Panel, children in the household must be 17 years or younger. Households of Crayola employees or immediate relations of Crayola employees, or employees of any other toy or children's art and stationery manufacturer are not eligible.
  • Recruitment is based on specific project needs (i.e. age, gender, areas of interest)
  • Focus groups typically run 1 - 2 hours and are held at our Crayola facilities either in Forks or Palmer townships in Easton, PA. Participants must be in driving distance to our facilities.
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