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Crayola Professional Development - Building Creative Leaders

Creative Teaching and Learning

What If…

We re-imagined teaching and learning with a new canvas for collaboration and keep focus on what matters most ... student's creativity and preparing them for 21st century possibilities.

Crayola’s approach to professional development and project based learning drives creativity, builds capacity and deepens collaboration to help shape an inspired school culture.

This culture empowers teacher leaders as coaches and is centered on renewing the excitement of teachers and developing creatively alive children.

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The interconnectedness of our professional development, teacher coaching, and classroom application results in a sustainable momentum that drives teacher leadership and student achievement.

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Highly Relevant Topics that Inspire Creative Teaching and Learning

Creative Leadership

Creative leadership grows from an authentic commitment to a shared school-wide vision that celebrates creativity and collaboration in every aspect of teaching and learning. It’s an essential part of strategy planning, coaching practices, and consensus building.

Multiple Approaches
to Literacy

When students recognize and understand the parallels among written, visual, mathematical, and digital literacy, they can better communicate meaning and intent. It’s a catalyst for transforming writers into content creators and authors.


The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) calls for the integration of arts education into STEM programs, so they become STEAM initiatives that deliver well-rounded education experiences for every learner. STEAM uses design thinking as a core strategy for creative problem solving and critical thinking.

What is unique about Crayola Professional Development?

  • Active Learning for adults
  • Big Ideas for cross, curricular connections
  • Collaborative relationships that grow throughout the school
  • Personal Epiphanies on leadership capacity

Engages and reawakens teachers' creative spirit by
tapping into visual arts standards to deepen learning

CREATE Generate, develop, and refine work.
PRESENT Select, analyze and interpret work for presentation.
RESPOND Assess intent and meaning of work.
CONNECT Relate artistic ideas to personal meaning, cultural, and historical context.
Why is Creative Capacity Building Essential to school-wide success?
  • Research tells us that visual arts are essential to a well-rounded education and can help close the achievement gap.
  • The 2015 President’s Committee on Arts and Humanities research report states that schools involved in the Turnaround Arts Initiative had significantly higher rates of improvement in both math and reading, with math scores increasing by 22.5%, reading/literacy scores increasing by 12.6%, attendance rates rising to 91.7%, and a 70% reduction in suspension rates.*
  • Research from the Visible Learning Labs shows that teaching approaches emphasizing creativity, problem-solving, metacognition, and visual perception along with related professional development have a more significant impact on student achievement than homework or class size.**
  • 93% of classroom teachers believe that art integration has a high impact on building students' creative skills. 90% of principals report that art integration increases student engagement and learning across all subject areas.
*Turnaround Arts Initiative, President’s Committee on the Arts and Humanities 2015 **John Hattie, Professor of Education and Director of the Visible Learning Labs, University of Auckland, New Zealand; presentation.

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  • Creativity.
  • Capacity.
  • Collaboration.
  • Change.
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