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12:00 AM ET
End Date
11:59 PM ET
1 10/17/16 10/23/16
2 10/24/16 10/30/16
3 10/31/16 11/06/16
4 11/07/16 11/14/16
5 11/14/16 11/20/16
6 11/21/16 11/27/16
  1. be vulgar, offensive, sexually explicit, profane or pornographic;
  2. be derogatory of any race, ancestry, place of origin, color, ethnic origin, citizenship, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, marital status, family status or disability; endorses any form of hate or hate group; defames, misrepresents or contains disparaging remarks about other people, products or companies;
  3. be violent or promotes the use of alcohol, illegal drugs, tobacco, or weapons; promotes unsafe activities;
  4. be previously published;
  5. promote any political agenda or message;
  6. appear to duplicate any other submitted Entry
  7. contains copyrighted materials owned by others (including music, lyrics, or images published on or in websites, television, movies or other media) without permission; or contains trademarks, logos or trade dress (such as distinctive packaging or building exteriors/interiors) owned by others without permission;
  8. contain third-party trademarks, logos, insignia, including brand names of any products;
  9. contain any personal identification, such as persons' names, e-mail addresses, street addresses or license plate numbers;
  10. communicate messages or images inconsistent with the positive image of the Sponsor's name and/or any of its brands;
  11. contain any material that violates or infringes anothers rights, including but not limited to material that violates privacy, publicity, or intellectual property rights, or that constitutes copyright infringement;
  12. contain any person or minor other than the Entrant's child or legal ward;
  13. violate any law; or
  14. include or refer to any third parties, including but not limited to minors, celebrities and friends, who have not expressly authorized such inclusion or reference.
Photograph Requirements: Entrant's photograph must meet all of the requirements of the Instagram platform (see for Instagram requirements).
The Sponsor reserves the right to reject any Entry which Sponsor determines, in its sole and absolute discretion, does not meet the above criteria or is otherwise offensive or is not in keeping with the Sponsor’s image and reputation. Sponsor reserves the right to remove any Entry without prior notice.

  1. Captures the Messy Kids Moments theme (40%)
  2. Photo creativity and originality (40%)
  3. Image quality (20%)

  1. Captures the Messy Kids Moments theme (40%)
  2. Photo creativity and originality (40%)
  3. Image quality (10%)
  4. Online Voting (10%) (as described below)