A Bigger's Gide to Handlettering

Get Started with a Beginner's #Crayoligraphy Kit

At Crayola, we know people love to color and express themselves creatively. We were blown away by the energy consumers shared socially around hand lettering with their favorite Crayola coloring tools. That passion gave rise to #Crayoligraphy.

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#Crayoligraphy How To

Beautiful lettering is as easy as 1, 2, 3. With a little practice and your own creativity, make #Crayoligraphy faux calligraphy effects in no time!

image description Learn from a hand-lettering expert!

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A Beginner's Guide to #Crayoligraphy Kit

Includes everything shown above, including the Beginner's Guide! $24.99 Shop Now

As consumers continue to post colorful hand-lettered content, we wanted to provide some fun and easy tips and techniques to learn the basics of #Crayoligraphy. To do this, we partnered with Lisa Funk of Hand Lettered Design.


Lisa created a "Beginner's Guide to Hand Lettering" found exclusively in our #Crayoligraphy Kit, which also includes some of your favorite Crayola markers.

Share Your #Crayoligraphy on Instagram

With the Crayola #Crayoligraphy Kit you'll have the tools and techniques to get you off to a great start. And we'd love to see how you're doing, so share your creations to #Crayoligraphy.