• Crayola® Washable Fingerpaint washes easily from skin and most fabrics (not for use as body/face paint).
  • Thick, creamy consistency resists splashing and encourages experimentation; especially recommended for early childhood art experiences.
  • Clean, bright colors enhance the sensory experience for young creative learners.

Waves, Wiggles, and Prints


Make strokes, waves, wiggles, finger and thumb prints, and other marks with different parts of the hand and arm.

Symmetrical Designs


Paint on one half of a piece of paper then fold it closed and smooth down with hands. Unfold and there will be a mirror image of the design on the other side.

Texture with Tools


Use combs, stiff paint brushes, sponges, sticks, dry fir branches, and cotton swabs on the finger-painted surface.


Scratch away designs in the wet paint with your fingertips.

Hands Around the World


Paint your hand with different colors on each fingertip and each finger. Paint the palm blue and green. Press hand down onto paper and keep stamping moving your palm until it looks like a round blue and green earth with multicolored people around it.

Cone Party Hats


Paint the side of your hand and move it back and forth on paper leaving the pinky in one spot. This process makes a cone. Decorate the cones when dry with dots by tapping your fingertips onto the painted cone. Try it again and turn it into an ice-cream cone.

Dot Paintings


Make paintings completely out of dots. Use different colors next to each other so that they mix visually.



You can create animals from finger paint. Paint the body of a turkey or peacock. Then press your entire finger into the finger paint and make "feathers" around the turkey's or peacock's body.