Digital Light Designer

Digital Light Designer

Draw, Animate and Play on a Spinning Light Canvas!

Grab the digital stylus and get ready to draw in an amazing way—with colored, spinning lights! Drawing, special effects, animation, games, activities, and so much more—it’s hours and hours of creative fun! You can even sit back and replay your favorite creations as they appear to float in mid-air on the 360° surface. You won’t believe your eyes!

For helpful tips on how to use the Digital Light Designer, please visit the FAQ section.

Crayola Digital Light Designer

Create & Activate

Activate with Effects

Watch your drawings spin, change colors, melt, and more!

Make Your Drawings Move

Sketch whatever you can imagine and then set it in motion!

Create & Activate


Movie Clips

Produce full-motion, animate scenes!

Moving Messages

Add text to your scrolling images!


Play Games & Activities

Maze Race

Racearound the dome to the finish!

Funny Faces

Draw and animate your own characters!

Mirror Draw

Create multiple images at the same time!


Save in Your Gallery

Store and replay up to 50 of your favorite creations!

Save to Memory

Don't Let The Fun Run Out!

Play with your Digital Light Designer without having to stop and replace the batteries! Simply plug the power adapter into the unit to run off of your household power for hours and hours of uninterrupted play.

Digital Light Designer AC Adapter

INPUT: 100-120VAC, 50-60 Hz, 0.8A
OUTPUT: 6.0VDC, 2.0A, 12.0W/VA

Available at:
Product Details
Quick Start Guide

Start Learning the Basics

Learn how to make a basic animation on your Digital Light Designer.

Easy Animation Tutorial

You can even add cool effects to your drawings or create awesome animations.

Advanced Animation Tutorial

Learn how to make a advanced animations on your Digital Light Designer.

Special Effects

Quick video to spark your creativity and show how to become a pro.