Draw a Twist on Starry Night

Draw a Twist on Starry Night craft

Night skies are star-studded in Van Gogh’s bold style with Crayola® Twistables™! Swirl your impressions of a Starry Night.

  • 1.

    Vincent van Gogh was a Dutch painter who lived during the late1800s. One of van Gogh’s most famous paintings is Starry Night, a star-studded night sky above a hilly landscape. Find a picture of this painting and see how he exaggerates everything in it.

  • 2.

    Van Gogh is often called the master of Impressionism. Impressionism is when a painter gives a general impression of a scene or object. Notice how van Gogh used color, line, and form before you create a drawing using his techniques and ideas. Van Gogh often chose brilliant colors and used swirling brush strokes.

  • 3.

    Use your imagination and Crayola Twistables to draw a starry night sky in van Gogh’s bold style. Mount your finished work of art on a piece of construction paper with a Crayola Glue Stick.