My First Advent Calendar

My First Advent Calendar craft

Add to the anticipation of your family’s Christmas season by creating this unique, personalized Advent Calendar. Reveal hidden surprises each day in December.

  • 1.

    On Crayola Color Wonder™ Paper, design a simple background for your calendar with Color Wonder Paint. You might make a Christmas tree, wreath, or holiday stocking. Air-dry the paint. Glue your background to posterboard or recycled cardboard.

  • 2.

    There are 25 doors to open during Advent, starting on December 1. Cut 25 doors out of Color Wonder Paper. With Color Wonder Markers, write the numerals from 1 to 25 on them.

  • 3.

    Glue just a little bit of one edge of your doors to the calendar. Put the doors any place you like on your background.

  • 4.

    Make 25 surprises to hide under your shapes. Cut out 25 more pieces of Color Wonder Paper, each a little smaller than your doors. With a white Crayola Crayon, draw tiny holiday designs, such as mittens, stars, or ribbons on them. Glue the surprises under

  • 5.

    Make sure all the doors are closed. Starting on December 1, open the door for each day’s numeral. Use a Color Wonder Marker to reveal the surprise you drew in crayon.