Do you offer helpful tips for using the Crayola Digital Light Designer?

We hope the following tips help you enjoy hours of fun with the Digital Light Designer!

 Troubleshooting tips if the unit is not functioning as expected:

1.  Do you have new, fresh batteries and are they installed correctly?

2.   Is the unit being used on a flat, hard, level surface?  The switch underneath must be engaged.

3.   Does the Red LED on the wand light up? If not, check the batteries are in properly. (new)

4.  If you cannot get past the main menu screen, turn off nearby lights in the room or move out of direct sunlight.  Strong outside or indoor light can interfere with the operation of the unit.

5. The wand is similar to a remote.  It needs to be aimed rather than held like a pencil.  It works from about an inch away, when with the light beam on or tap wand directly on the dome surface.

6.  When the unit is turned on, the unit cycles the colors line by line.  You can interrupt this process by tapping on the dome.  If you don't see the colored lines, something in the room is causing interference.

7. You cannot draw on the top of the dome, only the sides.

8. To rotate the displayed image, hold the stylus on the dock (the 2 white lines near the base).  The lines will turn red, then blue.  When the lines turn blue, move the stylus along the dock to rotate the images around the Digital Light-Designer.

9. There are 3 menus available, however, only 2 appear at first.

10. Two wands CANNOT be used at the same time. Two wands cause issues similar to having lights on in the room.

11.  What type of adapter are you using?  USE ONLY AC ADAPTERS WITH MATCHING SPECIFICATIONS.


INPUT: 100-120VAC, 50-60 Hz, 0.8A

OUTPUT: 6.0VDC, 2.0A, 12.0W/VA

12.  Online demos are available at