Do you offer helpful tips for using the Crayola Paint Maker?

Create your own custom washable paints in minutes following these tips.  For additional information and product instructions, visit .

  • Each color square includes five perforated strips.  Remove the plastic backing from the paint strips by bending on the perforated line. 
  • Follow the Color Mixing Guide to formulate your paint. Only use a total of 5 small strips for any color you mix.
  • Fill paint pots with base paint to the fill line, but don't overfill.
  • Turn the crank faster to mix the paint more quickly.  It can take up to a minute for paint to thoroughly mix.  Only turn in one direction.
  • If strips don't completely dissolve in 60 seconds, add a small amount of base paint.
  • If the crank gets stuck and won't turn, gently lift the paint pot mixer up and down from the back of the unit to release the gears.
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